Positively Parenting Inc. is an education and support program in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, aimed at promoting the value of parent education.

People who take parenting classes are caring individuals who know that every job can be made easier with more information and support.

Parenting education classes are a fun and informative way for parents and caregivers to take a time-out and do something for themselves. We provide childcare on site to make it easier for parents to attend.

Positively Parenting was created by the Inter-Agency Committee. They recognized a gap in parent education in our community and a sub-committee was formed to create a parenting education program for Meadow Lake and area.

Positively Parenting is in its twenty second year of service having been founded in 1995. Currently our program is funded by the Ministry of Social Services and Prairie North Regional Health Authority.

Thank you for celebrating Positively Parenting’s 20th Anniversary!! We are proud to honor Sterling Bacon and his Hokey Pokey playgroup. We want to thank families in Meadow Lake for their continued support.

We offer 2 new support groups in our community. Call for more information.

Family Support Group for those families navigating FASD

Post Partum Support Group

Thank you to all who attended our Community Baby Shower!

Brought to you by the CBS Planning Committee. (Positively Parenting/ North West Friendship Centre/ KidsFirst/ Parent Mentoring Program/ Early Childhood Services/ Population Health)