We have seen an increase in calls from parents and caregivers concerned about anxiety in their children.  Considering our current climate, it stands to reason we may see a rise in anxiety among some individuals, and children are not the immune.

So let me tell you a little bit about the new Triple P program we offer.

Fear-Less Triple P aims to help parents set a good example of coping with anxiety, coach their children to become more emotionally resilient, and develop a toolbox of strategies to respond to anxiety.


1.      1.  6 Individual OR group sessions (approx. 1 hour in length)

2.      2.  1-day intensive Workshop

WHO IS IT FOR?  Parents or caregivers of children aged from 6 to 14 years who have moderate to high levels of anxiety that cause significant distress or impact on their everyday functioning.

Keep in mind the strategies learned can be employed with all members of the family.  Those who attend the program receive a copy of the Fear-Less Triple P Workbook. 

Want to learn more, but perhaps can’t commit to the longer program?  We offer also a 2-hour seminar option.

Participants will learn some tips on anxiety management for their family and get a glimpse into the material that will be covered in the longer workshop.

For more information, please call Positively Parenting at 306-236-4804.

We will be limiting our numbers to follow covid protocol.