On Tuesday, February 12th, Darren Laur, aka “The White Hatter”, will be presenting to parents/caregivers on internet safety at Jonas Samson Junior High from 7:00-9:00 pm.  Come hear what tweens/teens are doing on the internet. 

Darren’s presentation aims in “Helping parents to proactively understand the enabling power of digital technology and mobile communications, but also how to mitigate the sometimes unintended consequences of high risk/undesirable online behaviour”.  

The White Hatter will be talking to students at Gateway, Jonas Samson and Carpenter High School the same day.  According to their website, www.thewhitehatter.ca, their “presentation is designed to provide students with proactive reflective online critical thinking and decision- making strategies, that youth can immediately put to good use.  Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power. Our presentation provides the knowledge, information, and empowerment, based on academically peer-reviewed research, case studies that tweens, teens, and young adults need to know. In addition, we bring our first-hand experiences in helping students, parents, and educators with some of the challenges students we have helped faced. The goal of our program; to educate students on how to be safer, more digitally literate, savvy, and resilient while participating in the online world”.

Everyone is welcome to attend!  This presentation is made possible by the local School Community Councils.